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how it began

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hi friends

im rachael haley- the curation and creation behind beginagainthrift

ever since i was little, i have loved clothing; putting together outfits, finding that perfect piece for an event, using clothes to express my feelings and sexuality.
it was my second year of university, when i was living on vancouver island, that i was introduced to boutique thrift shopping...annnnd i was hooked.

there is something so satisfying and exciting about finding a one of a kind piece that has lived before. the previous stories of that piece live on, but it also begins again with you. 🌷this is the feeling that has inspired begin again. ✨

when im not trying on clothes you can find me walking dogs for my business @rachaelsrovers or talking about pleasure and sensual embodiment on my personal account @rachael.haley

thank you for everyone following and those who have shopped! 
looking forward to more thrifting and passing along that special @beginagainthrift feeling 💫


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